The contemporary Art Portfolio of Petronilla Hohenwarter represents chronologically her Series which reflects the Parameter of her ongoing artistic Development. Her Style is informal and abstract, her visual Signature expressive energizing. Petronilla Hohenwarter’s Act of Creation is a visual representation of a consciousness that constantly evolves and expands over time as it exists within us. This gives rise to her artwork, which stimulates the viewer to be remembered again. Masterpieces|Outlier are included in her Work Series|ArtPortfolios . They reveal those Fractures that lead the Artist into the Shallows of her own transformative Process and representing significant Highlights of her personal Development.  The  Artwork is made on various Material likewise Paper, Cardboard, Canvas, Wood, found Objects. Her Technic is a Mix of   Acrylic, Pigments, Oil Sticks, Spray Paint, Pencil and Graphite.

Each Art Portfolio represents a Selection of available Artworks. Sales Prices of Originals please inquire separately on the Page of the Artwork |

Sales Price refers to Size + Material incl. Vat  | exclusive Framing + Shipping Cost

ENQUIRY AVAILABILITY +  SALES PRICES | The Art from the Portfolios starts with

Paper Work from 30×20 cm →  €550 | Canvas, Relief, Wood, Objects from 50×70 cm € 2.500 | Masterpieces|Outlier from 50x50cm  €10.000

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