THE CIRCLE 2019-2020

THE CIRCLE 2019 – 2020

The Circle and the associated Cycle is connected to the Divine and symbolizes Infinity. It is one of the oldest primordial Symbols in the World and represents Wholeness, Unity and the Absolute. As a Symbol of Heaven and the Universe the Circle reflects the divine Feminine and its Spirituality. The Circle applies in any of my Artwork and refers to my artistic development as a Symbol for my energetic Wholeness and that Emptiness ( State of Mind ) from which my Abundance results. The  Series The Circle as a self-contained cycle symbolizes energetically the Space of an infinite Consciousness.


The Series contains 9 Pieces of Art | Canvas, Wood Box, Wood Paneels , Relief, Paper. Assemblage.  Artworks from earlier Love + Universe Art Portfolios were remastered for The Circle Series. 

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