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Petronilla Hohenwarter – a contemporary Artist whose informal abstract and expressive Art releases an Energy and Awareness that is empowering. Her Biography and holistic Perspective is unconventional and achieves transformative Results . Her Artwork touches ones Soul, is a spiritual Reset for a modern Society, illuminates and enhances Horizons. Her Mission Statement goes out to Art Lovers, Art Collectors and to those who are empowered to enlighten the World with LOVE. My Artwork + the Spirit of Art in general is energizing, deeply touching and empowering – Art illuminates our Body, Mind and Soul.

I AM  Petronilla

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ART reflects the Divine

and I am simply divine. And  this is not just a statement as the Divine plays an essential part in my life and  is reflected within my personality, the lifestyle I am drawn to and the art and consciousness  is therefore developing.  It is an adventurous journey …


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so long + Namasté Petronilla