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the Art, the Energy + the invisible Space

Petronilla HohenwARTer

empowers  ArtLovers with her contemporary, modern and informal Art to rule the World with Love. An Artist who, along with her artistic Development, cultivated her Mindset and Consciousness in an autobiographical Way and has taking a global Stance for Years. In Addition to her artistic Development, her Art Portfolio contains an exclusive and fine Selection of Masterpieces. They are available by Request only. The AffordableS at the Art Shop starting with a moderate Price Ranking. An Invitation to start to collect small Originals while this Portfolio encircles the creative Diversity of the Artist. An exceptional Artist with a Range of Artwork that invigorates the Soul of Art Lovers. Her Art touches the Heart essentially , inspires the Spirit and deliberately illuminates Horizons. Her Mission goes beyond and calls upon  to empower yourself with Art to illuminate the World with Love.

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About me

ART reflects the Divine

is the mantra for myself that is reflected in my personality. It supports my art, creates a healthy lifestyle and strengthens my awareness. I AM and therefore authentically spiritually grounded. In my perception, the DIVINE is a space within myself called LOVE. In this State of Purity I am enabled  to see beyond and to recognize all comprehensively. It grounds myself and at the same time it opens up the aesthetics of the invisible and reflects the voice of the divine. This pure energy vibrates in a work of art like a sound work filled with colors and is presented in its pure and natural expression.

There's more

about ART

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The Space of Creativity and the Universe have one thing in common: They are diverse and infinite in their Appearance. My Art originates from this Space. To me, a Work of Art is an Object of the Soul that radiates Energy. This Oscillation changes the Room and thus spatial Frequency > ENJOY THE ART …

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Take your Time – retreat yourSelf –  just BE. Life offers Diversity and is a Journey full of Discovery – this  invites you to observe deeper and shed light on yourself > EMPOWER yourself with ART…

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Art is more than just a Game for two. The Energy of Art comes alive and expands through Collaborations, Art Projects, Art Residences, Retreats, Exhibitions…> let´s rule the world of ART with LOVE

It's your turn

come closer

and be part of my art universe  

 I AM powerful, YOU ARE powerful + so WE ARE powerful

keep the Strength within, be empowered and share Love

that’s  the real Treasure of Life.

so long & Namasté Petronilla
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