Detachment is the Key to loosen up is the Title of a Work Series created in 2021. An  Energy Form accompanied me for 9 months and above all catapulted me into a new Level of Consciousness . It was a Confrontation with a black hole and its very unpleasant form of energy, which has never been mine. With that being said I mean that this energy is not my space of creation like I usually feel drawn too. Some would say these body of work delivers a message and I was the vessel to visualize. The dark renegade is not my handwriting and yet it carries a message that wanted to be brought to light, to be seen and accepted. This development made me feel and acknowledge my inner strength. By this terminology, I do not mean the naturally inherent power of resistance in me, but I had to endure this abstruse form of being; it took over my creative space until I actively and decisively intervened and added my white. I took responsibility and made a conscious decision. In June, when the last brushstroke was done, I felt increasingly liberated and at the same time the new series of works The Awakening 1.0 began.


 formless dark shapes without emotions buzzing around in the ether, clinging to …


This visual illustration is certainly nothing new when we look at the evolutionary development of our humanity. Ultimately, I don’t care whether these lower levels of consciousness affects our lives personally or collectively, but this work in progress made me realize more deeply. Why do we still cover up, deny and compensate for this clinging darkness and wallow in this energy space, which is embodied in us and thus also collectively in a detached form and is still nourished these days. Detach and detox from… was the answer i´ve received – that’s the key we hold in our own hands in order to free ourselves from  adhering and energy draining adversities.


This Collection contains 28 Pieces of Work made of Canvas, Paper, Cardboard, Reliefs, Objects and Fabric.

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