LOVE FALLS INTO PLACE | AiR 2014 | Chicago 

LOVE FALLS INTO PLACE | AiR 2014 | Chicago A four-week Artist in Residency and personal Invitation to Chicago organized by 33 contemporary Gallery enabled me to develop a Solo Exhibition that aligned the Spirit of the Series   LOVE and QUO VADIS.  “All i’ve got is Love and The Exuberance of Love” were the Main Focus and It-Pieces of this first Solo Exhibition at the Zhou B Art Center in the USA.

The Series includes  20 Works of Art on Paper, Canvas, Reliefs, Collages, Objects.  I reserve the right to paint over or I change existing artwork. Thus, 3 works of art in this series no longer exist in their original form. Some works are already sold. 14 artworks are available to date.

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