LOVE 07 | 2017-2018

LOVE 2017 – 2018

I AM and I exist because LOVE exists | it’s a Love in which I am one with myself – being connected to this Space of Love through my Heart gives me the Feeling of being safe and protected. This creates Joy filled with Freedom and Ease and this is  who I am. Well, I am talking about those Love that I perceive as unconditional , which is self-sufficient, infinite, linearly unlimited in Time. Being interconnected to the Source of Love inspires me to create Art. I am the Vessel and my Gift  is to visibly transform this pure Form of Love into artistic Expression, making this invisible Space of Love transparent and tangible that it touches the Hearts. This Power of Love emits from within myself and reveals itself in the Artwork I create. As a Result, my Art inspires Individuals by reflecting the empowering  and enlightening Value of Love.


Selection | LOVE 07 contains 28 Artwork on Canvas, Paper, Cardboard, Reliefs


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