I AM |  BALI 2017

Januar – Februar 2017 Svarga Loka Resort | Ubud, Bali, Indonesien

Sarga Loka Resort | Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia  was calling me again  spring 2017.
This was followed by an Invitation to Bali for a four-week Art Retreat to spend Time in Silence with myself and give Birth to that what was ready and necessary to be revealed. A special Month with new Insights. I came back with 19 Works of Art. While being there – an extraordinary Work in Progress started, that animated me on this outstanding Journey to reconnect again with my SELF on a deeper Level. A Moment that confronted me to stop and  to let go while personally looking deeper into my Essence , the Self and to start to set myself free from earlier Attachments. The Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud – an energetic spiritual Place in the middle of the subtropical balinese Jungle, which taught me  personally and spiritually an  essential lesson – the Awakening of my Self. The Artwork I AM and LOVE IS are visible Results of this Journey, which was very unusual and therefore outstanding for me. I describe the written Word I AM and its State of Mind as  Awareness , the Space of Infinity, the Divine within myself.   I have internalized the Development and the resulting Works of Art, by which I mean the Process of Creation where I am aligned with my greater Self as so being one with the Cosmos – the Universe at the same time. 

15 Artwork on Canvas and Paper; 10 Pieces available

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