Some of my friends know  that I am an Art Lover and there are some paintings in my possession.
I have purchased 2 works of art in the last month of 2022. Today I am particularly pleased, that it is not only an acquisition of art, it is in this case also a help for a children’s charity in UKRAINE. 25% of the Sales Price will be donated. 
Petronilla Hohenwarter has started this great project ‚ The Power of Art by Giving “ today especially for March´22  and there will be more affordable Artworks in the next days/weeks  available. 
That’s why I want to share it with you. She is a worldwide recognized artist and I collect her artwork for more than 10 years.
Especially the LOVE is reflected in her body of work.  This is what we need nowadays. Petronilla turns her inner self outside. 
Whether it is a long conversation, written words or just looking at her art, her warmth and spirituality brightens the day.
I can proudly say that I am one of her art collectors. I am waiting for her next exhibition whether in europe or back in the USA i will be there.
Jeannine Gutierrez, Las Vegas, USA

Life, Petronilla, is purely an adventure into seeing how much bigger one can think. And you’ve been doing this really well your whole life…..I love your new work and look forward to a photo when you have finished. You are as unique and individual as the messages that I see in your art Petronilla. Like a fingerprint or a blade of grass, there is not other in the infinite universe that is the same as you. I love that you embrace all that you are with open arms and a beautiful, open heart. You and within your Art – an outstanding Example of Synchronicity of universal Love. 

It was great meeting you at the preview. There was an amazing connection with your work. My wife saw it straight away, whilst I took a little longer. So glad we were just directed off the street as we passed by. We had a wonderful time at the show in London. 

John Daniels, London, UK

When Richard Williams first inform me about you and ask permission for you to come as resident artist, I was very trilled at the idea because having an artist was one of my idea about art community at SLR. When I finally met you and talked abt SLR, I realized you are more than just an artist to come and paint colorful canvas, you came with a deeper meaning of bringing my fate abt SLR deeper and convince me about the supra natural energy on the land, from the perspective and expressive words from a Westerners instead of the local Balinese/ Indonesian fellows who I have heard spoken. It confirmed me that what I did matters and my vision is on the right tract despite all the odds against it and the good intention mission will come about in their respective time.

Devi Sardjito and Susanto Hartanto, Jakarta, Ubud, Indonesia, Svarga Loka Resort, Owner

„I consider myself very lucky to be an owner of some of Petronilla’s art. I find the colour and energy in her works inspiring.  They touch your heart as the dynamic resonance is clear from her own heart to yours. These are pieces of love stories and love imbued through intention and care.  Nature lies within, and that movement and dialogue is strongly felt. I hope some day to welcome Petronilla back to Bali, island of the Gods…“ 

Meeting Petronilla opened my eyes to the importance of realising I’m good enough to do the big things I want  like finish my book , and to take leaps with confidence. Making art a career, and knowing you have the skills and a gift to share is such a brave thing, and it helped me realise I can be brave too. 

Caitlin Raid http://www.aprivewellness.com/ http://www.clippings.me/caitlinreid Melbourne, Australia

Your art for me always surprises me. I feel immediately uplifted, refreshed. It’s like a very good perfume but the only difference is, it feeds the soul so deep that it awakens  the darkness . For me your art is everything my soul needs at the right moment it nourishes what I’d be needing, it’s comforting. The dark becomes humble is what I mean it awakens and fills a void, it’s loving, it’s vibrant; its for me like admiring a treasure longed for, it’s authentic it’s pure soul and expression of  life’s Flow. It awakens my soul. I love your style.  

Samantha Petz, Vienna, AT 

Mentorship | Petronilla has helped me grow as an emerging artist in my own profession, offering me more advice and constructive criticism than any institution I have ever attended. I fully recommend any services or workshops she offers

I am admiring your artistic work , my first thoughts were that you have an awesome ability to put the soft, female purity into the harsh reality of abstract expressionismus……..wow…..you´re riding the WAVE ..!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!! My heart is smiling as I feel your Happiness !!!! I love the sensation I receive through You your Words, your Art, your Energy, your Light and the Awareness  humbles me.

Steve Rooney, ES TECH GmbH, Hessisch-Oldendorf, DE

Petronilla HohenwARTer, Artist in Residence, Svarga Loka Resort, Ubud – Gianyar, Bali, INDONESIA

We have had the pleasure of hosting Petronilla as artist in residence at Svarga Loka Resort for the month of February 2017. It has been a pleasure and an honour to have her stay with us.

Petronilla is an integrated holistic artist, who immediately felt the energy of the nature here at Svarga Loka and found much inspiration and healing. I believe her journey was one of transformation and new vision and this reflected in the wonderful artworks that were generated and some of which were shared with us.

Furthermore we were very grateful that Petronilla shared her skills, knowledge and heart with our Svarga Loka staff in 2 days of art workshop. In this time the Svarga Loka team painted 4 paintings that are to be used as our House Team paintings; Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness. Petronilla is a personal friend who delivers all her work from the heart and is motivated by Love and all that is. Her artworks reflect this deep meaning and have great energy and healing properties that resort guests and art lovers alike may pause to enjoy, reflect, meditate and therein lies the true authenticity of her art works that they may heal and uplift the psyche. We hope that Petronilla will visit us here again at Svarga Loka Resort, Ubud, Bali and we continue to share, collaborate and give service. 

With heartfelt thanks and love,

Richard Williams, General Manager , Ubud, Bali Indonesia

Petronilla’s work LOVE IS, now takes pride of place in my Home. I am forever grateful to Petronilla as this we could almost say was ‘commissioned’ and she has translated intuitively my own Passion. I can say that this Artwork emits great Energy that is at once uplifting and energizing, I find Strength and Happiness in the Depths of this Piece meanwhile it emits Love and for me Nostalgia and great Joy. I cannot express my thanks to Petronilla enough and yet I know that the mutual Love & Friendship shared is evident not only in this particular Artwork but in the great Feeling for this Property I manage, the Nature, the  People, the Location.

Richard Williams, Bali, Indonesia, Spa Consultant

As managers of wellness resorts, we are used to dealing with practitioners who are medically or holistically orientated with regard to an individual’s health status. As such, it was really refreshing and exciting to work with Petronella to see the healing power of art in action, both for the guests and the staff.

At Svarga Loka we aim to give people a new lease on life and art really can play a surprising but important role in the transformative process. Working with Petronilla has encouraged us to add creative art as a regular activity for guests. 

What a wonderful person and artist was introduced to us today. Thank you for the creative ideas, the splendid artwork and most of all your big heart unfolds in our office space.  Truely inspirational Emotions expressed in beautifully chosen colours.  

Oracle GmbH, Vienna, AT

Meeting Petronilla was like embracing a sister.  

We were both united by the beauty of art.  We both flavor  

the moments of life in a deep way.  It was fantastic to see her 

art and creations and to know how perfectly they match 

her beautiful soul.

Silvia Glyer, Planetarian Work, Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, USA SilviaGlyer.com

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. As I read your post, I can only smile and feel happy for you. I can feel the amazing energy flowing through your words. You seem to be aligned in so many ways; your gift, mindset, soul, bliss, your desire to connect… all working together harmoniously. And, of course, it is evident in the amazing work you create! Amazing! 

I have 4 paintings from Petronilla Hohenwarter and as I find them so stimulating and inspiring, do I herby wish to write some thoughts about her and what I see in her artwork.  The difficult part about Art is that the Artist should be able to illustrate abstract thought and expressions to stimulate elicit emotions in its audience………that is what makes Art so difficult. Making it appealing to the senses or emotions and thereby stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind; by transmitting emotions and/or ideas. Whereby Art want appeal for every beholder the same value. Which makes it is not an absolute value, but depends on, and varies with, the human experience of different humans and the emotion that will come forth in beholding the pictures. The reason I sit down and want to express my thoughts and feelings about Petronilla ‘s work is that I have these pictures in my office space and everybody comments the inspiration and warmness it gives. I see Petronilla as an Artist that truly incorporates the art of communicating her emotions and ideas as a vehicle for her expression or/and communication. I really find it to be a special gift she has to be able to communicate indirect through her art as a means to communicate from one person to another. Her work and thereby communication expresses and appeals to the emotions of the beholder. She does it in a way where I find it to be “Art as Entertainment”……….as she picks a topic and then brings about a particular emotion or mood, for the purpose of relaxing or entertaining the viewer………wauuu how stimulating and inspirig. Regards 

 Prof. Mark von Rosing, Global Alliance University,  

Petronilla,  I really mean it. I did not see anything like your work and your colors in all the fairs at Art Basel Miami and its Satellite Fairs. Of course many similar approaches to painting but not your harmony you have accomplished and master over the years of painting. I see I love it!  You are a very distinguishable artist in the sea of art in the world.  I can spot your work on a quick swipe when it scrolls on my screen. Your visual energy is very particular and stands out among the rest. I am sure you have heard that from others too.  I really hope many many more collectors get to find you and add you to their collections.  You art only gets stronger.

I met Petronilla in 2009, at a time I would say I knew little about Art or Artists… She asked me what I thought of her Art, and after a long long Pause I managed to say „it’s colourful“. Over 5 years later, having worked with her together on Business Development,  on many Art Shows and in Travels to many interesting Places I am happy to say that I know a lot more about Art, about Artists and about myself. I learned that one can sit with a Painting for some Time, in order to absorb Energies from it. I learned that her Passion is to raise Awareness, and thus her Art is in some Way a Tool in this Process, to provoke Thought and Emotion and Discussion.  I learned that there are Depths to People that are sometimes not visible, and sometimes may never become visible, even to the Person. Petronilla describes herself as an Artist. I picked up on this Point and say that Art is just one Part of what she is… She is a warm, kind and generous Person, one that I am happy to call a good Friend. And a Friend that I am very happy to have a  Number of Pieces of „colourful Artwork“ from at Home.  

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