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What is the true value of our humanity? Is it still desirable these days to rediscover our core values and to integrate them into our lives? Through personal experiences, a positive self-esteem is the foundation for our wellbeing par excellence. And it is just as beneficial for a society in which appreciation, authenticity, honesty and transparency are actively lived and integrity is valued.


Back to your Roots – stand up for yourself

is a “call” for mankind to become aware of the value of love which we were born with originally. It supports and enables us to develop our highest potential. My life story, as so the art which was calling me, made me rediscover my roots and my binding strength of love. The energy of love is the source of my artistic creation. It leads and shapes the development of my artwork from deep within. The force of this natural given energy takes up space, expands, and becomes tangible while it has an after effect beyond the visual. The artwork represents this transformational process.

The Radiation of this Energy is perceptive from one to three-dimensional Objects to multimedia Room Installations. The hidden Space within myself , this invisible Existence and reinforcing Form of Energy is the Essence or so called Source of Love and therefore my Playground.  This Inner Space vibrates and releases the Energy of Love into a World where emotional Abuse and material Consumption  is still used as a Compensation to deny  the Lack of Love in ones Heart. The Energy is a driving Force that can be recognized in every single Work of Art in the Style of the Color I use, the Shape, the Line and Structure. My artistic approach is informal, fluid and floats from within.  


ART is DIVINE  and  I AM in tune with the Frequency of the DIVINE that I call LOVE. It empowers me as so my Art to illuminate the World with LOVE. 


Petronilla Hohenwarter, Contact, Atelier, Artist Studio, Bavaria, Germany,

art reflects the divine ...

and I am simply divine. And  this is not just a statement as the Divine plays an essential part in my life and  is reflected within my personality, the lifestyle I am drawn to and the art and consciousness  is therefore developing.

It is an adventurous journey to the inner core of myself and reveals who I really am. Therefore I AM to me is the highest instance of spiritual consciousness and circumscribes the divine, the absolute. I experience this like a crystal-clear essential energy, which empowers myself as so the Art which emerges . Call it Energy, Power, Force, Love… In this state of BEing I clairvoyantly   recognize all-embracingly . This awareness grounds me while the aesthetics of the invisible opens up and the voice of the Divine is present and Inner Wisdom arises. Therefore the Art in itself is a Treasure in any kind.

She vibrates like a sound system, has its own timbre and touches the deepest level of ones soul.  

 ART is DIVINE as so AM I 


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Study at the Academy of Socialpedagogy , Passau  

Working with  Children, Youth and Adults in the Field of Social Pedagogy 

Additional Training TIRA | Traumatic Incident Reduction Association, Munich

Guest Art Student  at the UNS Surakarta, Indonesia, Visual Arts with Dozen Narsen Afatara

Print Graphic + Free Painting Classes in Europe with Horst Bernhard AT, Ilona Chválová CZ, Daniel Fischer SK, Erwin Eisch DE


since 1998
Art Studio Petronilla HohenwARTer

Traveling abroad to South East Asia plus temporarily Residences

Traveling and  temporarily Residences in Europe 

temporarely Working  und Living Residence in Vienna, AT

PH KunstEdition GbR| limited Art Edition 

sind 1998 

Artist, Mentor, Trauma Coach and Thetahealer 

since 1998
Solo and Group Exhibitions, Art Projects, Participation at national and international Art Fairs 



Petronilla Hohenwarter, is an artist based in Germany. She graduated from the Academy of Social Pedagogy in Passau in 1986. From 1987-1997 she worked as a social worker in child, youth and adult education. She quit her main job and started private training in applied metapsychology in Munich. There she acquired a certification as a TIRA Instructor (Traumatic Incident Reduction) from 1995-1997. Art was calling her, and in 1997 she decided to embark on a private journey to Indonesia. Since childhood she was fascinated by abstract expressions of any kind. 

Petronilla participated as a guest student temporarily from 1997-2000 at the Art Faculty of the University of Surakarta, and took various art courses such as free painting, ceramics, installation, and new media. At the same time, her first exhibitions took place in Germany and Indonesia.

In 1999, the Publishing Group (PNP) was the first public art collection to acquire her artworks. From 1997-2002, Petronilla attended selected classes with lectures in modern and free painting in Europe to expand her knowledge of contemporary art. From 1997-2003 she traveled increasingly to Southeast Asia. After receiving the debutant grant from the State Ministry of Art, Science & Culture in 2002, she participated in several international art symposia and residencies in Europe, Asia and the United States, by invitation only from galleries, art associations and foundations. In 2004 her art was awarded in Florence, Italy. In 2009-2014 Petronilla worked temporarily in Vienna, Austria, and in 2015 she received another official award.

Since 1997 Petronilla has been professionally active as an artist, mentor and coach. Her artwork is listed both nationally and internationally in public and private collections.

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