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  • private Groups   
  • Entrepreneurs , Start-Up Businesses


  • OFFER 1 > about the Artwork, the Making of Art and the Business
    OFFER 2 > to consider a particular Topic from the Perspective of Art
    OFFER 3 > Art + Meditation + intuitive expressive Exercises


  • max. 7 People 
  • max. 90-120 Min.
  • Q&A  
  • Beverages + Fingerfood 
  • request for a Date 


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a CONVERSATION with the Artist Petronilla Hohenwarter at her Studio.
A Piece of Art  enriches and nourishes the Body, Mind and Soul 

Just let your Thoughts wander along while being in my Studio –  tune in , because ART transmits a Vibration among other Things and Colors are carrying Energy anyway; to visit my Studio, to experience the Artwork I create – this opens up a new Space of Possibilities. This Spirit allows you to immerse into a Field of Consciousness, which delivers new Perspectives and broadens the Horizon. Being curious and willing to anticipate into this spiritual Realm enriches your Perception. You don’t need an Art  History or Philosophy Study to come along.  Art educates in different Ways, whether with a selected Work of Art to enter a silent Dialogue and to find Answers within or to illuminate several Works together and to receive a deeper Meaning – or it just brightens your Heart while being around this vibrant Art which is presented in the Studio . It is a visual Stillpoint there MAGIC unfolds.

Come along, discover the Art  and experience an uplifting and illuminating Spirit, which unfolds keeps the good Vibes raising  – to visit an Artist Studio is always  an empowering delightful Moment !

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