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The artistic Development is represented  through the Art Portfolios. Each Series reflects an informal chronological Order of a Cycle. The first Series above shows the current Topic. Inquiries about the Artwork and Purchases > Contact


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Petronilla Hohenwarter’s Masterpieces represents a Selection of Artworks from her Art Portfolios since 1998. The artistic Development  represents abrupt Breaks that lead into the Depths of her Inner Most. They are the most intimate Artworks in her artistic Development. They are significant  Highlights and so-called Masterpieces, which indicates an outstanding Feature that communicates Value and artistic Content leading the Story the Artist presents. Inquiries about the Artwork and Purchases > Contact

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THE AFFORDABLES Portfolio represents small Works in Art Collections and Digital Graphic Editions. They come from Art Projects and Art Collaborations. Inexpensive Originals for Art Lovers to start collecting Art up to a maximum of 500 Euros > ArtShop

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