bali Indonesien Richard Williams Reisfelder Kunst artist in residency journey Reisterrassen


the other pART of the World

bali Indonesien Richard Williams Reisfelder Kunst artist in residency journey Reisterrassen

Dear fellow Friends, ArtLovers and LifeStyle-Junkies

here he comes – a SoulMate from the very first beginning since we met…

let me   introduce you to the ONE and ONLY Richard Williams from the other Side of the World and for sure this is a real pleasure to me. We both are SoulMates, this is it > shortly explained … same wave length, almost same age ,  a fine selective taste for food , art and  interior-design, the Love for Asia and Spa Treatments  and one secret that sums it up > it is a pure innocent joy which exist within ourselves while Richard and I are aligned  to the space of the unknown or call it spiritual realm there duality does not exist –   the hotspots for souls to meet…

physically we met on a very humid day  in singapore back in 2004 and since that time our friendship has not aged as all  as so we neither ; it is a treasure to enjoy each others company and as so the colourful bright side  of life …

My Name is Richard

bali Indonesien Richard Williams Reisfelder Kunst artist in residency journey Reisterrassen  

I’m from New Zealand and have been a global traveler for the last 34 years feeding the wanderlust I believe comes from being born in a distant place with DNA of colonial and tribal roots. I have spent the last 20 years in Asia, nine years of which, here in Bali, Indonesia. Herein lies one of many commonalities I have with Petronilla, the love of Indonesia and particularly the life, beauty and culture of Bali. We first met when I was coordinating operations of a wellness center in Singapore and we had a mutual friend from Bavaria, and there, my love of her passion and art began.

My Passion  >  Spa, Wellness + Art = a healthy Lifestyle  

I am very lucky to also follow my passion, and I work in the spa and wellness industry, having left a career in food & beverage and fine dining to pursue holistic practice, body therapies and healing modalities. I have worked for luxury brands in the UK and Australasia. I have put my experience to good use as I now work for myself, consulting 5-Star hotels and resorts on pre-opening spa projects. I develop concepts and create memorable, authentic and relevant life experiences for their guests. I mentor local Indonesian spa teams in two luxury sustainable eco resort islands in the Riau Archipelago, and mentor and lecture students of an International Hospitality University.

I am grateful daily to live the dream and relish living simply in nature, in Ubud, located in the interior of Bali, but still not very far from the ocean, and with my spirit cat Kumi. I love to read, to write, to walk and to cook. I live in a small Indonesian style home called a “Joglo” with many windows and not many walls for art. Suffice to say I am fortunate to have a Petronilla Hohenwarter above my bed and two miniatures on the “posts” of my kitchen area! I find the energy of the art, the colour, the movement is so powerful to me. It uplifts me and inspires me. There is a resonance always and one sure connectivity with all, and that is LOVE.

LOVE IS | Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, 80 x 60 x 4 cm, 2017 



 I like this community here and I believe LOVE is the answer, Let LOVE Reign…



an essential Life-Style Theme plus it includes a Holistic Healing Approach

read more about Richards  View as a Spa Consultant 2 articles are recently published  in SPA CHINA MAGAZINE | more to come


GO WITH THE FLOAT – Richard shares his stunning floating Experiences at the Terapung Float Club  

Petronilla HohenwARTer
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